The Fluid Strength Lifestyle™ is about performance in every part of your life, learning to capture the moment and to enjoy the journey. The system provides the tools to perform better in sports, activities, business, and relationships. Fluid Strength™ Performance Lifestyle System™ is a dynamic proactive lifestyle with a complete balanced approach. Our trainers, partners and staff are the elite in the industry providing only the quality products and systems. Through the vision and leadership of Larry Castro the founder, we set ourselves apart from the traditional approaches and have set the standard for which everyone gauges their performance.

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Larry Castro has worked with many of the top athletes, corporations and leaders around the world. Larry Castro has been on NBC, CBS and ABC and highlighted in magazines around the world. He is a sought after consultant, motivational speaker, Golf & Fitness Coach, Sports Performance and Performance Lifestyle™ Coach.


Fluid Strength™ Performance Lifestyle Systems™ is focused on making a real Impact for individuals, families, athletes, corporations and our children by providing a proactive performance system for life. A system that will allow you to “Enjoy the Journey, Live your Dreams and Live with Passion” Larry Castro, Founder.


Our products, programs and systems go through a very rigorous approval process prior to being introduced and provided to our customers. We take our responsibility seriously as the leaders in the industry, and along with our partner Precor® we assure our base that we will only provide quality cutting edge programs, products and systems. Our customers are customers for life. They understand the commitment we have put forth. Become a part of the Fluid Strength™ Performance Lifestyle System™.